BrEPS command line tool

The command line tool (cmd) can be used to search a local copy of the database. The tool needs either Python 2.7 or Python 3.5 to run. For a quick help, please see the online help.

cmd can also be used for tool development. A documentation of the functions provided can be downloaded here.

For MySQL usage, mysqlclient is recommended, as it can be used with Python2 and Python3. For Python2 MySQLdb is suitable.

For best performance, Python2 with Googles re2 is recommended!

The latest version of the command line tool can be downloaded here.

BrEPS database

The database can be downloaded for use with the command line tool. Currently the database can be downloaded in MySQL and SQLite format.

Download the lastest database version:


The usage of and all its tools is free for academic use. For commercial use, please contact -onij.qgpebzypdgno-r.